Masking Tape 50 Metre

Product Name: Masking Tape

Product Dimension:  24mm x 50m Or 48mm x 50m 

Sabco packaging LTD presents  our popular masking tape is an easy solution for masking and craft solutions. With its easy tear capability, it is ideal for a quick efficient solution. Our tape can be removed from the majority of surfaces without leaving behind any residue. Our masking tape is popular within many industries including building and craft industries.

  • Premium Quality: This masking tape is made of high-quality material, making it durable to be used anywhere you want for as long as you like. The pressure-sensitive material of the sticky tape is convenient for secure placements in an effortless manner. The soft and flexible material of the painter's tape conforms easily not only to the straight edge but also the contoured and curved surfaces giving more practical results.

  • Convenient To Use: This adhesive masking tape for painting is very comfortable to use. You can stick the paper tape at any surface you want and remove easily without leaving any residue behind or tearing any paint or polish. The soft magic tape doesn't require any scissors to cut a piece, and you can tear it apart with your hand.

  • Functional Product: The packing tape helps you to mask off areas during painting and is a handy and versatile product to be used all over your house. This lightweight, off-white coloured parcel tape is a very functional item that is usually used to protect your switches, moldings, indoor or outdoor sockets, skirting boards, glass boundaries, floor paints, acrylic sheet, fixing small things, etc.

  • Ideal Size: The tape is available in 2 sizes, i.e., 24 mm x 50 m and 48 mm x 50 m, so that you can choose either of the suitable sizes for your requirements. You might need a broad size at times, but for other margins or surfaces, you will need a smaller width. Depending upon your requirement, you can have any size you desire.

  • Multi-purpose Tape: You can use this Velcro tape comfortably at offices, apartments, homes, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, etc. This packaging tape is usually used to prevent inlets during painting and other protective purposes. The off-white tape can also be used to label different jars, food items, boxes, DIY projects, decorations, toy car roads for children, and a lot more.

Product Discription

Looking for some durable and functional masking tape to secure your outlets and other surfaces during painting?

Our masking tape is suitable for the purpose and a lot more.

Ergonomic Product:
The high-quality tape has a smooth surface with high adhesiveness making it a durable and reliable product. The sticky tape's pressure-sensitive material makes it convenient for secure placement on all surface types in an effortless manner. Lightweight off-white tape blends anywhere without standing out oddly.

Easy Usage:
This highly adhesive magic tape is soft enough to adapt easily with a straight edge, curves, and contoured surfaces. Install the velcro tape conveniently and uninstall when no more required without leaving any residue behind or tearing off any paint, polish, etc. No scissors are required as you can tear this tape using your hands.

Various Applications:
This sticking tape is an ideal item to mask off areas during painting like the outdoor switches, sockets, moldings, skirting boards, etc. Use it at home, office, dorms, apartments, café, restaurants, hotels and more.

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