Brown Packaging Tape 48mm X 91m (100yards)

Product Name: Brown Strong Parcel Packing Tapes/Cellotape 48mm x 91m (100yards)

Product Dimension:  48mm x 91metres 

Glue Type: Super Sticky Glue

Thickness: 50 Microns 

Product Application:

  • Perfect for Securing boxes and parcels sent in the post or via courier.


Why Choose us?

  • Unlike other sellers' Tapes which are 66 metres in length, our tapes provide you more durability, as we are bringing you 91 Metres (100 Yards) in length.
  • Super sticky adhesive offering you the most security for your package
  • Apart from the extra length, we heavily focus on the three factors known in the adhesive industry as Quick Stick, Cohesion and Adhesion. These three factors impacts the quality and performance of the Tape.

Product Highlights:

  • Strong premium solvent tape with an aggressive grip. Low cost economy acrylic tape. They all have a glossy finish and are supplied shrink wrapped.
  • A completely see-through roll that gives packaging a tidy, professional appearance. Perfect for long term storage. In premium solvent or economy acrylic tape.
  • Compatible with most tape accessories such as tape gun, carton sealer, table dispensers that support 3 inch paper core.
  • Can provide that extra security if you are concerned about loose parcels or it being tampered with.

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